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Noel Leeming are specialists in Google for Education with devices and collaborative tools to help teachers deliver engaging ways to learn and prepare students for success in the digital economy.

The right tools

Our curated range of ‘best in class’ Chromebooks are very affordable and easy to manage. We offer many related accessories to improve technology longevity and enhance the learning experience. Arrange your Google for Education licenses through us to take advantage of the fully subsidised Ministry of Education offer.

The team

Our specialist education team works alongside schools to help them gain greater understanding and value from their Google technology investment. Our Education Managers throughout New Zealand can assist with initial IT roadmap planning right
through to set-up (white-gloving your entire Chromebook fleet), financing, device management and ongoing support services.


We partner with UTB (Using Technology Better) to improve the speed of uptake and quality of learning for teachers and students. They work with your school to develop a course that meets your needs and goals.

Education portal

Your customised portal is a simple way to manage your ongoing Google for Education activity, updates and transactions – saving a lot of valuable time.

Creating an efficient, modern-learning environment with Chromebooks and Noel Leeming’s Whiteglove+ service.

Whitegloving your Google Chromebooks means they are set up and ready to use in the classroom, as soon as you unbox them at your school. 

Find out the benefits of managing Chromebooks with the Chrome Education Upgrade and read about the G Suite Quick Start Guide for schools in this comprehensive document.

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